Making the Best of It

Have you ever wished you could start over? Maybe you want to dye your hair or wear a hat until the plugs grow in, without all your friends’ sarcastic comments. Or maybe you plan to clear up your bills and never get into debt again once your house is sold. Or you want a good excuse to get rid of that living room furniture that Grandma Beatrice willed you.

Here’s your chance! A move can be an excellent time to get rid of old furniture, clothing, habits, emotions, and even attitudes. Take advantage of it. And offer the same opportunity to those who will be moving with you. Discussions over dinner or at family meetings can start everyone thinking about what to keep and what to get rid of. Adopt the attitude that you’re not just moving, you’re moving on.

For example, maybe you have a teenager who wants a new start at making better friends. Or maybe you or your spouse want to get more involved in sports, recreation, civic activities, or other pastimes.

Again, here’s your chance! A move isn’t an ending as much as it is a beginning. Here’s your chance to leave behind any bad memories: a divorce, a death, a bankruptcy, a bad job experience. Plan to leave them all at the city limits as you go. Give yourself and your life a fresh start.

There must be lots of good things to remember about where you are. Okay, maybe just a couple. Treasure them. They will become a part of your new reality. If you ever return to “the old place,” it will have changed and become a part of someone else’s life. So use your Smart Moving Notebook to list the good memories you want to treasure: the kids’ tree swing, the backyard picnics, the view, the nice neighbors (who moved away first). Cherish the good memories.

If you look, you and every member of your household—even the one least happy about moving—can find a number of benefits to moving. Moving can offer a new start, an adventure, an avenue to new friends, hobbies, and interests, and a learning experience. It’s all in the attitude. Here are some positive things to consider about moving:

  • New friends
  • New opportunities
  • New experiences
  • New stores for shopping
  • New neighbors
  • New places to go on the weekend

Anticipating the good things about your move can help you reduce the stress and soothe the emotions.

Making It a Vacation