Moving Less

Move it or lose it-that is the question! “Should we move that old player piano with the bellows missing?” “Should I move that disassembled 1959 Studebaker or get rid of it here?” “Will I ever refinish that old bedroom set stored in the attic?” “Should we move those boxes we haven’t unpacked since our last move?” These can be tough questions for those on the move. On the one hand is Ramsey’s Rule of Mass: Everything you get rid of now is something you won’t have to move yourself or pay to have moved. But, on the other hand, “I might need it some day.” So how often can you make the tough decision between move it or lose it? A thousand times? Without lots of regrets? This section is all about how to efficiently decide what gets moved and what to do with what doesn’t.

  1. Decluttering
  2. Donating Stuff
  3. Selling Stuff
  4. Promoting Your Sale