Smart Moving Notebook

Use your Smart Moving Notebook to make all kinds of notes about your move as they occur to you. The notebook also can be used as a daily reminder of errands that need to be handled and for lists of people to contact to stop services at your old house and start them at the new house. You can use the notebook to record addresses of people to notify of your move. Add in lists of resources about your new home town, state, or neighborhood. The Smart Moving Notebook will become an invaluable helper in your move.

You can organize your Smart Moving Notebook in many ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • By room (living room, dining room, bedroom)
  • By type of task (packing, cleaning, buying, selling)
  • By date (page per day, week, month)
  • By resource (mover, rental agent, employer)
  • By person (named, with cross-references to tasks or dates)

You can use your Smart Moving Notebook in many effective ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Review it at the beginning of each day.
  • Tape useful business cards to the inside front or back cover.
  • Make notes of telephone conversations with moving agents, relocation services, truck rental agents, real estate agents, airlines, travel services, and others involved in your move.
  • Use your spare time to review your moving process.
  • Make reminders as they occur to you: shots for pets, contact new DMV on arrival, visit Waldo World.
  • List moving expenses, as well as how and when they need to be paid.
  • Write down questions for your new employer, new supervisor, new landlord, and new psychiatrist.

Moving Words

An agent is a local moving company with a franchise from a national moving company. Some are also known as road agents!

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