Getting There

Moving can be drudgery, so take your fun where you can. If you're going from here to there, put some fun in your trip—even if your moving budget is limited.

Look for free and low-cost natural wonders and man-made attractions; they're located throughout the entire United States. If you did your research early, as suggested in previous sections, you know what is between here and there, you know what route you will be taking, and you know how long you have to get there. Even if you are driving a rental truck with your car on a trailer behind, you can find a few fun things to do.

If your drive is more than a couple hours, break it into manageable segments, remembering that adults, as well as children, travel more comfortably with frequent stops for stretching and exercising.

When you reach your new city, take the time to do at least a short sightseeing expedition before tackling the move into the house. Again, as with a move within a city, give the kids time to explore the house, yard, and neighborhood.

You have to stop anyway, so why not do so at scenic overlooks and historic markers. Most are right on the highway and offer adequate parking for trucks. Many rest areas have maps and information about local attractions.

Also check out visitor centers. Usually they are located on a main route through town. You can learn about local sights, lodging, and restaurants—and you might find discount certificates for some. On one move, for example, we found a wonderful clock museum in Spillville, Iowa.

Don't pass up small museums. They can be some of the most interesting, offering a vivid look at local history. No matter where you are traveling, you can find something interesting, fun, and educational. It can be free, low-cost, or expensive. To find these fun spots, you just need a sense of adventure and a little time to investigate.

If your trip is lengthy, stop often. This tactic might add an extra hour or even a day to the trip, but you will be more rested. Stop at a local market and pick up picnic items, and then stop at a rest area or city park for lunch or dinner. Carry a cooler with fruits, cut-up vegetables, granola bars, juice, pretzels and other easy, nutritious foods for breakfast and lunch. Then stop for dinner at a restaurant.


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